Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Explained The Reason For Her Breakup | Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia reveals the reason for her breakup



In the promo of Bigg Boss 14, Pavitra Punia has made a big reveal of her breakup. Let us tell you, Holy Punia revealed her breakup with her boyfriend Prateek Tejpal in the promo of Bigg Boss 14. In this, Pavitra Punia is seen telling Jasmin Bhasin the story of their breakup.

Recently, the video of promo of Bigg Boss 14 is becoming very fast on social media. In this video, Pavitra Punia is seen pressing Jasmine’s head. Pavitra Punia says that she has ended all her relationships and did not want to become a hurdle in the career of Prateek.

Holy says that, you are still very young, and your career has just started. I do not want any obstruction. So I thought it was okay to end this relationship. Recalling her conversation with Prateek, Pavithra says- Pavitra said that ‘You are no longer a child, you are much younger than me, your career has just started.

You should focus on your career. Think of it as my greatness or understanding. My stay with you was wrong for your career. I will not obstruct your work by disliking anything. Along with this, Pavitra said that I do not want to be with Prateek anymore because he is very aggressive.

He also gave a clarification on the media reports, saying – ‘There were some media reports that I had removed him from the house at night, nothing like this had happened’. Pavitra further said on the symbol’s reaction- ‘When I told her that I do not want to be with her …. She is very aggressive … She hit a punch on the wall, blood was spread all over her hand’.


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