dana pani baajare khasta and moongalet recipe method of preparation and ingredients

dana pani baajare khasta and moongalet recipe method of preparation and ingredients


Manas Manohar

Crispy millet
Millet is a pure desi grain. In areas where water is less rainy, its crops are good in those areas. The crop of millet is harvested this season. Fresh millet is starting to come in the market. Nutrition-rich millet is slightly warm, so most people eat it in winter. But there is no harm in eating a little in this season.

Usually millet bread, khichdi and bhaat are made, but make some breakfast items from it and eat it with tea instead of biscuits, it is better. Many big companies have started selling millet, ragi, marua, oats i.e. making oats biscuits and snacks. What is it bad to eat and cook it all at home?

Bajra’s crispy is a type of desi biscuit. It is very easy to make this at home. First make a small amount, then when the taste and the formulation is correct, prepare it in large quantities and keep it for fifteen to twenty days and keep eating it with tea. To make crispy, first pour about half cup of jaggery in one and a half cup of milk and boil till it melts well and then let the milk become lukewarm.

Now take two cups of millet flour. Bajra flour is found freshly ground at the mill. Coarsely crush one spoon of fennel in the flour and add half a teaspoon of salt. Desi Ghee’s combination with Bajre is very strong. No fun without him Pour about a cup of melted desi ghee into the flour and mix well by rubbing with both palms. Millet will soak up all the ghee. Then add the jaggery little by little and add lukewarm milk and knead the dough hard.

Do not keep the dough for long, otherwise it will not get tied with husk. With the kneading, quickly make flat flattened balls in the shape of its biscuits. Pour some white sesame seeds on top and pressurize it. Keep in mind that the thickness of the cakes is not too much. Make a hole in these for two to three places with fork, toothpick or matchstick.
Now heat ghee in a pan.

When the ghee is well heated, turn the flame to medium and then add the Bajra cakes in it and fry till it becomes crispy. Keep in mind that if the heat is high, then the crisps will burn from the top and remain soft from within. So fry them on low flame for a long time. Bajra’s crispy is ready. Keep them in the box and enjoy them with tea.

Note: If you do not want to fry in ghee and make it in oven or gas oven, then you can do it too. Cook for fifteen to twenty minutes in the oven at one hundred and eighty degrees.

For those who are pure vegetarian and do not eat egg, mungolet is made like omelette. It is a type of cheela but slightly different from a cheela. Both in making and also in taste. It takes a bit of effort to make moonglet. But if there is good food, there is no harm in working hard.

Moonglet is made from moong dal. Moong is also our homegrown produce. It is a favorite dish for everyone- digestible and beneficial. Wash the washed moong dal thoroughly and soak it for at least four-five hours or overnight. Then drain the water and grind it well in the grinder. Make a very fine paste. Now keep it covered for about half an hour.

Meanwhile, finely chop the capsicum, onion, green chillies, green coriander. You can decide the quantity of lentils and vegetables according to yourself, how many people want to make the millets, take all the things accordingly.
Now beat the paste of moongdal once. Remove one bowl paste from it, add the required salt, top half of the bowl with all the chopped vegetables and mix well. Then put half a teaspoon of eno powder and put one spoon of water on it, reverse it two to three times with light hands and mix it in the solution. Do not beat more, otherwise the effect of eno will be gone.

Keep a non-stick pan heated. Keep the heat on medium. Make moonglet in butter, it tastes good. If there is no butter, use desi ghee. As soon as the pan is lightly heated, add one to one and a half teaspoon of butter to it and then carefully add the vegetable mixture. Spread the batter evenly around the pan. Allow it to sink on low heat. When the top part starts to look tough, then flip the peanuts and put butter in the other side as well. Allow to cook on low heat.

When the other side also becomes slightly golden, then flip it and cook once again from both the sides, so that the top surface becomes a bit kukuri. Moonglet is ready. Eat it with green or red chutney, the taste is excellent. Whether you want to eat breakfast in the morning or as dinner at night, this is a complete diet.

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