How a Denver gym helps people get fit and sober – The Phoenix gym


The Phoenix gym: Many people want to get fit in the new year. A Forbes Health survey said that almost half of the people chose fitness as their New Year’s resolution for 2024.

The Phoenix is a gym in Denver that can help people with that. It has many kinds of classes, like yoga, CrossFit, and rock climbing. It also has all the equipment that people need, and it is free to use. But The Phoenix is not just a normal gym. It is also a place for people who want to quit drinking or using drugs.

The Phoenix is named after a bird that can rise from the ashes. It is a place where people can start a new life and leave behind their problems.

“The Phoenix is a sober active community,” said Mason Morgan, who teaches CrossFit there. “It’s completely free. We supply everything. If it’s rock climbing, we’ll have a harness for you. If it’s biking, we’ll have bikes for you. Whatever it is, we supply everything. All you need to do is show up in the proper attire and have 48 hours of sobriety.”

At The Phoenix, people work hard to improve their bodies and minds. They challenge themselves physically and find inner strength. Morgan said that fitness can be a “healthy addiction” for them.

“This place is magical, for sure,” Morgan said. “It’s helped a lot of people way more than it’s helped me, and it’s helped me immensely.”

You can find people of all ages and backgrounds at The Phoenix. Some of them have been sober for a long time, and some of them are just starting. Everyone is welcome, as long as they support each other.

“The Phoenix is just about rebuilding your life and creating it to be, you know, a healthy version of whatever you want it to be,” said Ashlee Uden, who goes to The Phoenix.

“I can, like, meet with a bunch of friends who are also sober, and have that in common with me, but we don’t have to make it about being sober,” said Bethany Biggerstaff, another participant.

Not many people want to stop drinking or using drugs. The same Forbes Health survey said that only three percent of the people said they will drink less alcohol this year. But The Phoenix is open to anyone who is curious about sobriety. It welcomes people who are trying Dry January, which is a month without alcohol.

“I love The Phoenix so much, but it’s not like the workout specifically that really makes me come here every time,” Uden said. “It’s the people. It’s the community, the connection that I have with my friends here at The Phoenix. And I think for anybody in sobriety, that’s so important. People need that. People need people in life.”


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