Kumar Vishwas got furious over trolls who gave rape threats to Dhoni daughter

Kumar Vishwas got furious over trolls who gave rape threats to Dhoni daughter


Outraged by Dhoni’s team Chennai Super Kings’ poor performance in the IPL, some people have raised objectionable remarks about his 5-year-old daughter and lewd profanity. This has made the famous Hindi poet Kumar Vishwas very angry and he has reprimanded those people in a long post on Instagram, calling them Jahil. In the beginning of the post, Kumar Vishwas has suggested that if you are a father, brother or son, then read his comment.

She wrote, ‘Today is the day of daughters, International Girl’s Day! In the morning, while blessing the daughters, the mobile was scrolling, saying that this bad news that rang with smell appeared scattered everywhere! Who are these people who can think the same for a five-year-old doll because of the defeat and victory of the two-game colonial game? ‘

He attacked those people and said, “Are they the sons of a mother?” Do any sisters have brothers? Do not daughters play in their courtyard? Who are these people, if they are checked then they will come out! In the name of saving the country, religion – in the name of saving religion, our leader – in the name of saving the party, vile low gram singh on social media!

Kumar Vishwas also targeted political parties. He further wrote, ‘Big leaders of their parties, their eldest political leaders sitting in governments – the father follows them! They make open threats, celebrate the killing of someone. Disagreeing with this, after killing an elderly woman, she abuses the woman after she dies. Kumar Vishwas has expressed his intense anger that there is a need to crack down on those people. He has written, ‘How will Nacel tighten on these blood seeds? Instead of fretting over them, you will have to speak against them, fight them, they will have to be treated!

Kumar Vishwas further wrote that such acts of paid and unpaid trolls had never seen before due to political-religious disagreements and to the well-being of their political leaders. He wrote, ‘If their parties come in the government, then they start dancing naked with the strap of’ Sai Sai Bhai Kotwal ‘publicly.

Kumar Vishwas through his Instagram post advised people to immediately block such people and report to them. He wrote that if there are such people in the house, then explain it to them because this poor thinking will one day reach your homes too.

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