LAC Row: Time has come to accept that talks won’t make China change its aggressive stance, says US NSA – LAC controversy

LAC Row: Time has come to accept that talks won't make China change its aggressive stance, says US NSA - LAC controversy


The US National Security Advisor (NSA) said that China’s attempt to control the force of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) from India is part of its expansionary aggression and that the time has come to accept that negotiations and agreements China is not going to change its aggressive approach.

Commenting on China in Utah earlier this week, US NSA Robert O’Brien said, “The CCP (Communist Party of China) expansive aggression on the border with India is evident where the actual Line of Control on the strength of China Trying to control.

O’Brien said that China’s expansionist aggression is also evident in the Taiwan Strait where the Navy and Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army are continuing military exercises to combat bullying.

He said, “Companies involved in Beijing’s special international development program” One Belt One Road (OBOR) are paying non-transparent and unstable Chinese loans to Chinese companies that are employing Chinese laborers in the infrastructure development program. . ”

The NSA said that many projects are non-essential and built incorrectly and they are ‘white elephants’. He said, “Now these countries have become dependent on Chinese debt and have weakened their sovereignty.” They have no choice whether to vote in the United Nations or to support the party’s stand on any issue that the Communist Party of China considers important.

O’Brien underscored that China’s other international aid is to sell surveillance systems and repression equipment to such rulers of the world, including Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, who limit people’s political and economic rights.

He said, “The time has come to accept that negotiations or agreements cannot agree or force communist China for change.” There will be no benefit from keeping an eye or being polite. We have been doing this for a long time. ”

O’Brien said that the US would have to stand against China and protect the American people. He said, “We must vigorously promote American prosperity and peaceful conduct and further increase American influence on the world.” The NSA said that this is exactly what the United States did under Trump.

Let me tell you that there has been a deadlock between China and India on the border in East Ladakh for the last five months and due to this, tension has increased in both countries. High-level diplomatic and military negotiations are underway to resolve this impasse between the two sides, but the problem has not yet been resolved.

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