Mirzapur 2: What is special this time by Pankaj Tripathi

Mirzapur 2: What is special this time by Pankaj Tripathi


The fans of the web series Mirzapur 2 have been waiting impatiently for several days and now the wait for the fans is slowly ending. Recently, Amazon Prime Video has released the trailer of Mirzapur 2 for their fans. The first season of Mirzapur was full of crime thrillers. At the same time, the audience hopes that Mirzapur 2 will be more dangerous than Mirzapur.

During an interview, Pankaj Tripathi said, ‘This season the story will get a little deeper and bigger. New characters will come, new twists will come, there will be new conspiracies, there will be new challenges. So a lot is new in season 2 and there is also new entertainment. If people liked Kalin Bhaiya in Mirzapur Season 1, then he will like it more in this season.

He also said, ‘I think this series is so famous because of the story, character and performance. Every character is very engaging, kept people tied, entertained. The audience of OTT and especially the audience of Mirzapur who are youth need entertainment and in addition to entertainment, we are also saying our way in a subtle way which the audience has liked very much. ‘

Pankaj Tripathi further said that, ‘There is a place in Banaras by Moti Lake, inside the city itself, there is Tripathi’s residence. We have shot in Benares, in Chunar, in Mirzapur, in the same area. Some parts have been shot in Lucknow, Bhadohi where my carpet factory is, Gopiganj and different parts. I am from Bihar, Rasika is from Jamshedpur, Ali is from Lucknow, Divyendu is from Delhi, Kulbhushan is from Mumbai, Razia is from Hazaribagh in Jharkhand, so the cast is from all over India and I enjoy working together.


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