Sun rays like free medicine make your sunbath health to stay fit and get vitamin – sun rays are like free medicine

Sun rays like free medicine make your sunbath health to stay fit and get vitamin - sun rays are like free medicine


The weather is in a mood to change once again. With the October sound, the tinkling of winter has started to be heard all over the country. After a few days, the stinging sun will become a source of relief. Especially in this time of Corona crisis, now prepare to show your health incense. By the way, sunshine is necessary for the body throughout the year. But in winter it becomes very important because at this time our body is able to tolerate sunlight. In many parts of the world, sunshine is also called ‘free medicine’.

Actually, sunlight protects the body from many diseases. On the parts of the earth where the rays of sunlight are available for a short time, the popularization of the action like incense shows its importance.

Essential for body
Many types of vitamins protect our health. It is necessary to balance all types of vitamins in the body. Vitamin D is an element that is undergoing a lot of research. The amount of vitamin D in a healthy body is up to 60 nanograms. If its quantity reaches 30 nanograms then vitamin D supplementary medicines have to be taken.

Scientists say that sunlight is its natural source. Due to lack of vitamin D, our body is not able to absorb calcium, due to which our bones become weak. It is necessary to take proper amount of Vitamin D for strengthening bones. Sunlight also supplies oxygen to the tissues. If you are troubled by muscle pain, extreme physical fatigue and numbness of the arms and legs, then these can be symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in your body.

Research shows that through sunlight, we can get ninety percent of vitamin D part of our body’s need. Although fish is also said to be an important source of vitamin D, but it is not possible for everyone to consume it.

Skin to stress
Skin is the part of the body that is prone to fungal infections. To avoid this, maximum sunlight should be seen regularly. Also keep in mind that at least part of the body is covered while sunbathing. Lack of sunlight on cold days can cause depression and stress. Especially if there are any elderly in the house, who cannot walk much themselves, sunlight is very important for their body. Arrangements should be made for them to sunbathe at Baramde or any other place where they can reach easily.

After soaking incense, the body gets hot due to which the pain in the body due to continuous lying is also relieved. There is a trend in our homes to massage the children and the elderly in the sun. This massage fills their body with freshness.

Soaking incense also activates the pineal gland, which also leads to better sleep. People who are always locked in homes and leave the house and travel in air-conditioned vehicles can be the victim of depression and stress.

Depression if not sunshine
People in areas where there is no sunshine for a long time suffer from depression. Many people complain of depression during winter in the winter.

When we sit in the sun, our body produces more hormones called serotonin and endorphins. This hormone protects us from depression. Sunlight is very beneficial for asthma patients.

Morning and evening sun
If we follow the advice of doctors, it is necessary to show sunlight for half an hour to the body daily. Also, morning or evening time is considered better for sunbathing. Sunlight is good till 12 o’clock in the morning and sunset till four o’clock in the evening.

Ultraviolet rays are high in the afternoon sun, so it should be avoided. The eyes should not be kept in direct sunlight while sunbathing. Do not sunbathe too long. This can cause skin damage.

(This article is only for general information and awareness. Seek expert help for treatment or health advice.)

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